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Past course participants testimonials

Urban sprout - superfoods raw food course review

Greenman course review - Elements of Health - raw bliss

 "Dear Beryn and Peter

Thanks guys for an incredible week-end. Something really amazing happened over the last few days, your course is so much more than a food course, I feel so full of energy and life. You both radiate so much love and passion for life, it is totally infectious. I certainly received much more than I could have imagined.

Since yesterday I have been feeling "high", I find myself smiling and laughing just at the joy of being alive. It's like I've drank lots of coffee but without the jitters and palpitations. I have this sense that anything is possible, least of all giving my body what it needs in terms of food. Somehow it's as though you showed us how to nourish our hearts, minds and spirits. This comes directly from you both personally as you exemplify how possible it is to lead a fuller, more creative and conscious way of being in this world as well as the information you have researched so thoroughly and share so generously.

Wow, it really was a very positive experience. I have learned an enormous amount and just loved the way you teach. It was both inspiring and informative, I left feeling it was completely manageable to incorporate the changes in to my life simply by taking small steps.

The suggestions and guidelines you gave about transition were so helpful, I left knowing exactly where I wanted to start and where I eventually, given time and practice, want to end up.

You are both incredible teachers as well as chefs, artists, beautiful, vibrant people. You have those essential qualities that make you leaders and visionaries: humility and humour.

I have been unsuccessful so far in scanning my feedback form but hope this emails gives you a good idea as to how I experienced the course.

Will be in touch with an order for some goodies now that I have had time to digest the material and work out exactly what I need to start on this exciting journey.

With much love and gratitude"


"Hello Beryn & Peter

Thank you so very much for your course this weekend.

I am totally blown away.  This is probably the biggest gift I have ever been given in my life.  Your wonderfully delicious meals that really surprised me for being 100% times tastier and more satiating than I expected, your generosity with smoothies, green juices, goji berries and cacao nibs - all of which I know are pricey.  But not only the cost, the actual value of the knowledge is priceless.  I also feel healthier already!  My mind seems to have been turned on again and I feel much more alive and with more energy.  I am now so much more able to promote the health side of the vegan lifestyle.

I'm hooked on green juice.  So I have to get juicing as soon as possible.  I do feel like I'm an absolute beginner and am just reminding myself to take big, deep breaths and let myself relax into this new consciousness, rather than try to make up for 40 years lost time in one week, like I did with my vegan transformation.  So perhaps my inability to buy all the appliances is in a way a blessing as I will be forced to try integrate the lifestyle on a gradient.

Your whole team is absolutely amazing.  We need to get you speaking to everyone in the whole country, I was so glad you gave the course to the nutritionist students, that is the best way to get the message out there.  Next target market: doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, etc.  I know you're busy, but your work is absolutely vital and needs to get out there, so keep up the good work.

Well done.  You guys are brilliant.

Have an elated day :)

Warm regards

PS my bunny also LOVES wheat grass, so I will have to grow some for her too :)

Karen Johnson
from Elated
(Raw Food Course, CT, June)

"I have to send a mail saying thank you! the information that i was looking for and the inspirational kick in the butt is what u provided.

For the last 10 days i've been 80% raw and I know i feel only a taste of what is to come, i can now actually register the effect of a hand full of cocoa beans and goji berries, its breakfast and can fuel me for ages! I dont have bad mood hunger attacks and everything tastes great!

my world is bristling with electricity! i feel like the kirlian photo of the beans, i feel like that electricty is filling my entire body and mind.

thank you!
(Raw Food Course, CT, February)

“Thanx so much! I really enjoyed the workshop! Invaluable!! I generally strive to be healthy so it gave me another tool to use to do that”
Lauren, Gardens

I got great ideas for making healthy food and a deeper understanding of health and lifestyle balance. I feel more motivated about changing bad habits.
Kristin, Tokai

“Thank-you Beryn and Peter for your inspiring course. You are very generous with your time, food and information. I could physically feel a shift from being on the course. I also realised the simplicity of it all – it doesn’t have to be about deprivation. I also realised there is a broad range of things that I love eating that fit into the very healthy category – YAY!!”
Marissa, Cape Town

Lost 5 kilos in 4 weeks – not dieting!!! Just healthy eating – Juicing is AMAZING
Dave Grobler

Invaluable info. Clarity on so many myths relating to food and STUNNING breakfast smoothies! I am wheat intolerant and have gained very useful info and recipes to help me.
Sue Ansell

I didn’t expect to see so many different and delicious recipes. Also really appreciated the way you teach and explain everything.
Katherine Tudsbury

This was fun, fabulously interesting and enormously enjoyable! THANK YOU BOTH. I loved it!!!
Nola Davidson

Never thought I would actually love the new tastes. Very pleasantly surprised.
Erica Bax

Lots of great ideas for wheat free and dairy free diet. Loads of energy! Great recipes. Good time. Lots of well researched info on superfoods.
Joy Krige

It was fantastic to get so much information about healthy living and eating as well as how to get more protein when on a vegetarian diet.
Carey Upham

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