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2 Day Raw Food Course

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Do you want to know a secret?

Exceptionalhealth isn't complicated.

In fact it is really very simple.

UK-trained, Cape Town based Raw Food Chefs, Peter and Beryn show you how to prepare simple and gourmet raw food dishes that are delicious and healthy.

  • Reclaim your health
    (if it has gone missing)
  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Have abundant energy
  • Enhance your mental focus
  • Increase your vibration and awareness
    through the foods you choose

“Be the one bounding out of bed on Monday morning and creating the life you
desire because you have truckloads of energy and you have your health on your side.”

It’s Time to Invest in Yourself and Your Health
Learn how to UN-COOK your food so that it tastes better than if it was cooked,
and is filled with living goodness.

“We both started off with standard South African diets. It was only when we made the transition to Raw, Living Foods and did our Gourmet Raw Chefs training that we could finally marry HEALTH with HIGH ENERGY LEVELS and DELICIOUS TASTE”

Come and join us for 2 fun-filled days of essential know-how for healthy living and Raw Food preparation.

with follow up support

What you get:

2-hour morning and afternoon lectures on both days At least 8 hours tuition in total.
2x 1-hour raw food preparation demonstrations
Power Smoothies and fresh juices
Delicious, nutritious, RAW, Organic Meals
Breakfast smoothies, Lunch and dessert on Day 1
Breakfast smoothies, Lunch and dessert on Day 2
Healthy desserts to LIVE for!
A juicing demonstration
A full and detailed 77 page manual
A full range of Raw Food Recipes
Superfood tasters – a taste of the world’s highest energy foods
Free 3 month follow up email support program designed to motivate and support you to keep going, so that you succeed in creating new, healthy habits that last and take zero willpower or discipline to maintain

“I got great ideas for making healthy food and a deeper understanding of health
and lifestyle balance. I feel more motivated about changing bad habits.”
Kristin, Tokai

You'll learn how to:

Prepare healthy raw foods that taste fantastic and are easy and quick to prepare
Make nutritious smoothies that will keep you going all day …or night.
Through our meal preparation demonstrations you’ll learn how to make some advanced recipes that will definately impress your friends at dinner parties
How to cleanse and detoxify your body
Demystify health and nutrition so that it is easy to understand and apply
Juice to maximise success
Choose and use the highest vibrational, nutrient and mineral-rich superfoods as snacks and in your meals.
Avoid the pitfalls of a standard vegetarian or vegan diet
Practically and realistically apply the ratio of success to your diet and transition to a healthy lifestyle at a pace that is right for you
You will also learn WHAT to exclude from your diet and WHY!
You’ll be SUPPORTED for at least 3 MONTHS after the course with the OUR  FOLLOW UP WEEKLY EMAIL SUPPORT PROGRAM
Once a week you will get more information and more recipes to try out

To Register Now, click here

Past participant testimonials:

Thanx so much! I really enjoyed the workshop! Invaluable!! I generally strive to be healthy so it gave me another tool to use to do that”
Lauren, Gardens

“Thank-you Beryn and Peter for your inspiring course. You are very generous with your time, food and information. I could physically feel a shift from being on the course. I also realised the simplicity of it all – it doesn’t have to be about deprivation. I also realised there is a broad range of things that I love eating that fit into the very healthy category – YAY!!”
Marissa, Cape Town

Other course feedback:

Lost 5 kilos in 4 weeks – not dieting!!! Just healthy eating – Juicing is AMAZING
Dave Grobler

Invaluable info. Clarity on so many myths relating to food and STUNNING breakfast smoothies! I am wheat intolerant and have gained very useful info and recipes to help me.
Sue Ansell

I didn’t expect to see so many different and delicious recipes. Also really appreciated the way you teach and explain everything.
Katherine Tudsbury

This was fun, fabulously interesting and enormously enjoyable! THANK YOU BOTH. I loved it!!!
Nola Davidson

Never thought I would actually love the new tastes. Very pleasantly surprised.
Erica Bax

Lots of great ideas for wheat free and dairy free diet. Loads of energy! Great recipes. Good time. Lots of well researched info on superfoods.
Joy Krige

It was fantastic to get so much information about healthy living and eating as well as how to get more protein when on a vegetarian diet.
Carey Upham

Some recipe favourites from past course participants:

“I loved the pesto”

“Definately the pineapple flax smoothie, sushi wraps, coriander pesto and sauces”

“I loved the variety of sauces”

“Mushroom-nut burgers were a treat”

“Pesto-stuffed mushrooms”

“Green juice – it actually tasted really good”

”The raw butternut soup”

On this program you will learn how to generate beauty from within. What you put into
your body becomes your body. You are what you eat. Educate yourself to be able to make informed food choices and learn how to make the food that will give you radiating beauty.
Your health in your hands… and on your plate.

"What will this investment into my health cost?"
For dates, times, venues and costs go to our events schedule and register.

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