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Celebrating raw chocolate as our most powerful superfood.
Finally we’re telling you what you’ve been wanting to hear your whole lives and deep down knew to be true… CHOCOLATE IS GOOD FOR YOU!

Yes!... chocolate is EXTREMELY healthy for you and is in fact the HIGHEST antioxidant superfood known to man.

BUT only in its RAW state - unheated, NO trans fats, NO sugars, NO dairy etc.

As raw fooders raw chocolate forms one of the cornerstones of our diet. Fancy that? Now eating healthily is not only about greens, vegetables, restriction, discipline or willpower it’s also about chocolate and the tastier things in life

As raw food chefs we love to live it up and ‘indulge’ which is why we're running
'chocolate love courses'

We will show you how to make healthy choc milkshakes, choc brownies, choc biscuits, choc mousses, choc cakes and more. It’s very decadent and lots of fun.

What we're really trying to do is take the focus off all the doom and gloom stuff surrounding food. There’s so much we can fear when it comes to food – Gm foods, hybridization, high fat, cholesterol, and so on.

BUT why worry about all that stuff when we can focus on healthy and fun with the foods we already love.

It just takes a little education and understanding to realize that what you once perceived as bad and unhealthy for you can be transformed into AMAZING AND HEALTHY.

We only run a limited number of these workshops and they fill up FAST, so If you would like to join us on this amazing experience, please complete a registration form now.

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